Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a pine tree worth NZ?

There is a range of factors that influence the value of pine trees per hectare in NZ. As a result, it is hard to put an exact figure on the value of pine trees. Furthermore, every forest is different, so the pine tree prices per acre you get in one forest are likely to be different from the prices you get in another NZ forest.

What factors influence forestry returns per hectare in NZ?

There are several factors to consider. Those factors include the tree species in the forest and the timing of when you are selling the trees. The latter is influenced by the value of your trees on the global market, current road haulage costs, and timing-related factors.

Other things to consider when thinking about forestry returns include roading and logging costs (i.e., the price to cut down each pine tree), as well as the silviculture method.

When is the best time, based on revenue and cost, to cut down and remove large pine tree forests?

From a biological point of view, the best time to harvest pine trees is when they are 26 to 30 years old, assuming they well-tended and well grown.

Commercial factors come into play, too, however. This includes pine tree cutting cost factors, including things like roading and haulage, as well as market prices.

What other factors do I need to consider when making a decision on harvesting my pine forest?

There are many factors that are often overlooked by forest owners. They include the availability of harvesting crews, as there is usually a long lead-in time to get crews onto your land. You also need to make sure the harvesting crew has the skills required to maximise the price of pine timber per ton that you receive.

Plans post-harvest are also often overlooked. You need to consider if you are going to replant and, if you are, what the cost will be to plant pine trees per acre on your land.

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